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Roy Vaden Pools is an authorized dealer for trusted spa chemical brands. These chemical companies offer the newest and the safest technology for  spas and hot tubs.

Our store lab offers sophisticated water testing equipment and our staff is well trained to assist you in professionally taking care of your investment (pool or spa). We can’t say enough about our expertise on pool and spa care, so bring your water sample to us.  

If you can't stop by during our business hours, you can drop off your sample in a cooler located at our front store entrance. Be sure to attach your name and phone number so our staff can contact you with your test results.

For more on our products call us or visit: Baquaspa and Brilliance for Spas.

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Pool and Spa Chemicals

2020 Spa Chemical Rebates

Promotion Valid February 1st thru December 31st, 2020
  • Baqua Spa
    $5 Rebate (Baqua Spa Sanitizer)
    $7 Rebate (Baqua Spa Sanitizer + any other Baqua Spa product)
    $10 Rebate (Baqua Spa Sanitizer + any 2 other Baqua Spa products)
  • Brilliance
    $5 Rebate (Brilliance Bromo Tabs)
    $7 Rebate (Brilliance Bromo Tabs + any other Brilliance Spa product)
    $10 Rebate (Brilliance Bromo Tabs + any 2 other Brilliance Spa Products)
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Computerized Water Tests

Owning a pool or hot tub can be fun for the whole family. However, it is important for people who own pools or hot tubs in their homes to know how to take care of them and keep themselves and their families healthy and safe.

As a pool or hot tub/spa owner, it is your responsibility to regularly check the chlorine concentration and pH of the pool or hot tub/spa water to help protect yourself and your family and friends from recreational water illnesses.  

We offer Complimentary Computerized Water Tests - Bring in a water sample today! If you recently opened your pool, be sure you allow the water to circulate at least 24 hours before bringing in your sample.

Special Note: For those who can’t make it to our store before closing time, we have a drop off box for water samples. Be sure to put your name, phone number, and condition of your pool water. We will call you the next business day.

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