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Seasonings & Rubs

Learn how to spice up your meals and add flavor to your foods with a variety of these rubs. We have lots of Spice Rubs!  We offer popular and quality brands including The Dizzy Pig and The Nutmeg Spice Co.

• ”Mad Max” Turkey Seasoning
• ”Game On” Gourmet Wild Game Seasoning
• ”Shakin the Tree” Gourmet Lemon Pepper
• ”Wonder Bird” Poultry Seasonal
• ”Crossroads” Authentic Southern Barbecue
• ”IPA” Hop Infused Seasonal Blend
• ”Kickin Maple Honey Rub”
• Cajun Spice

New Spice Rubs
FOGO CharcoalFOGO Logo
Premium All Natural Hardwood Charcoal

FOGO Charcoal

Now offering FOGO Super Premium Charcoal at Roy Vaden Pools; 17.6 lb bags.

This Super Premium All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal is hand-picked and is ideal charcoal for smoking on big charcoal grills or any ceramic grill.

• Delicious Oaky Hardwood Smoked Flavor
• Lights quickly and burns hotter and longer
• Restaurant Quality
• 80% of the bag is large pieces 4 inches or larger.
• Large size lumps give better airflow for temperature control. 

The large sizes will ensure a very long and slow burn in your ceramic Kamado style cooker (Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe etc).

Stop by and pick yours up today!
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Discover Himalayan salt's uses and benefits

Pink Himalayan Salt

Mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt blocks, plates, platters, and bricks can be used for sautéing, grilling, chilling, curing, baking, salting, plating, bathing, and contemplating.

We offer a variety of pink salt products in small, medium and large sizes. Harvested from ancient Himalayan sea salt deposits, below are just a few benefits of what salt blocks offer:

Adds delicate flavor to food.
Retains hot and cold temperatures evenly.
Heat on the grill to cook thin cuts of meat, fish and shellfish.
Chill in the refrigerator to serve cold appetizers, cheese, sushi and fruit.
Naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean.
Plate can be used repeatedly until it eventually diminishes with use.

In addition to Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates, we offer other complementary Himalayan Salt products to enhance and season food, before and during the cooking process.

These gourmet products complement and enhance the cooking and eating experience and make the perfect gifts for Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, House Warming or upcoming Holidays!  Stop by our store and pick yours up today!
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