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Winterize Your Pool

Follow these winterize tips and you’ll be ready to enjoy it come Spring!

  1. Close it. We highly recommend closing your pool for the winter, as it is much more cost effective. You save on electricity and chemicals. Closing during colder months will also extend the longevity of your pool equipment.
  2. Preventative Maintenance.Safety Pool Cover The most important reason to winterize a pool is “preventative maintenance.” If the electricity should turn off, the lines could freeze under the concrete deck. The equipment also has potential to freeze and these repairs can be costly.
  3. YES! Algae will grow in cold water. If you leave the pool running during the winter, you will need to keep the pool water balanced and continue to add chlorine sticks or tablets throughout the season. If you have a salt-water pool, your generator will shut off when the water reaches 50 degrees F. You will need to maintain the chlorine level using chlorine tablets or sticks (place in your skimmer), as well as keeping the water balanced. Visit Roy Vaden Pools and stock up on chlorine tabs or sticks.
  4. Cleaning 101. Just because the water is too cold for swimming does not mean it can be left unattended. Continue regular cleaning maintenance: empty baskets, brush the walls, dip out any leaves and vacuum the pool.

Advantages to Winterizing a Swimming Pool

    • Pool Plumbing:  If the pump stops pumping during the extreme cold, the lines and the plumbing will freeze causing costly repairs.
    • Pool Equipment:  Running the pool through the winter is reducing the life expectancy of the equipment.  The weather and the unbalanced water (pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness) will decrease the longevity of the pump and filter.  Electrical outages can cause repairs and/or replacement of equipment and plumbing.
    • Pool Surface:  Cold, harsh weather, and unbalanced pool water are hard on a liner, concrete, or fiberglass pool.  It not only detracts from the appearance but it reduces the life of the surface.
    • Pool Water:  The water may appear clean through the winter without adding chemicals but, bacteria grows in the cold water and it creates a sanitizer demand (chlorine, salt, bromine, Baquacil, etc.) and often algae. The coming season will be a battle to keep the water clear and clean.
    • Economically:  The savings on the electricity, not doing costly repairs from winter damage, and just taking this worry off your plate is worth the cost of winterizing the pool.

It’s not too late to do a partial closing now (winterizing the equipment and blowing out the lines).

For information on pool maintenance, download our Pool Owner’s Guide


For user comfort, as well as protecting your equipment and spa surface, be sure to follow these important tips:

  1. Test your water.Quality pool and spa chemicals In hot water, the chemistry will change more rapidly, so it’s important to test it often. Your spa or hot tub water should be tested professionally monthly, as well as using a home test kit/strips before enjoying. This will ensure the spa water is properly sanitized. Visit Roy Vaden Pools with your water sample for a comprehensive water analysis.
  2. Routine cleaning maintenance. Clean the cover every few weeks to reduce the risk of the cover dry-rotting or having an old, musty smell. Chemically cleaning your filters each time you drain and refill your spa greatly enhances water clarity and reduces the amount of sanitizer needed to maintain the proper level.
  3. Drain. Drain and refill the spa every 60-90 days. We are here to help you throughout the entire season! We offer highest quality of cleaning products, chemicals and complimentary water testing for both pools and spas. Let us help you take care of your investment!

Convenient Water Testing
Can’t stop by during our store hours? Conveniently drop off your water sample by placing your bottle of pool/spa water along with your contact information in a cooler located in front of our store front entrance. We will contact you the following business day with water results and instructions on keeping your water balanced.

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